Jeremy Boes
PostDoc @Université de Toulouse
(Multi-Agent Systems)

IRIT, Université de Toulouse

118, Route de Narbonne

F-31062 Toulouse Cedex 9


+33 6 18 66 52 70

Full Resume

Research Fields
Self-Organization in Multi-Agent Systems, Complex Systems, Emergence, Machine Learning.

Current Position
Post-doc fellow at IRIT (Toulouse Computer Science Research Institute), Team SMAC (Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems).

Short term: finding a postdoctoral position abroad to gain a broader experience and explore other domains.
Long term: becoming a full-time teacher-researcher, to continue my research on complexity and emergence and have the privilege to share knowledge with students.

Diploma Selected Publications

My research focuses on self-organization in multi-agent systems as a way to self-adapt to a dynamic environment and learn complex behaviors. Dealing with complexity cannot be done with the usual top-down global design methods. Instead, a local standpoint is needed. Each agent has to be simple enough to be quite easily designed and implemented, and able to face unexpected events by locally changing its behavior so the system as a whole behaves accordingly to the designer's expectations. In other words, one has to try to 'steer' emergence towards the requirements of the system by using appropriate simple local rules. This is the challenge that we, Team SMAC, address with the Adaptive Multi-Agent Systems (AMAS) approach. Here is a brief recap of my work with Multi-Agent Systems.

Science Animation

Session Chair at the International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART 2017)
I was a session chair at ICAART 2017 in Porto, Portugal.

Horizon 2020 Project Proposal, Smart Cities and Communities SCC01
I am currently taking part in a consortium of more than 40 partners, writing a proposal submission to the H2020 European call for projects. Toulouse, Seville and Olso are partners in a transdisciplinary project proposal on Smart Cities.

Organization Chair and Session Chair at the IEEE Workshop on Smart and Sustainable City 2016
I was the organization chair and a session chair of the First International Workshop on Smart and Sustainable City. It was part of the UIC Conference during the Smart World Congress (July 18th-21st 2016, Toulouse, France).

Doctoral Seminars
During the year 2012-2013, I have been an active member of the DocToMe organization committee. DocToMe is a monthly doctoral seminar for the PhD students of the laboratory. My main role was to design posters, but I was also involved in recruiting speakers and in holding events.


During my three years as a teaching PhD Student and one year as a teacher-research assistant, I accumulated a total of 284 hours of teaching, mainly practical work from Bachelor to Master’s Degree (in several majors: Computer Science, Chemistry, Management). I also supervised interns and group projects, attended to jurys, and took part in all the aspects of teaching (preparing and rating exams, maintaining online courses, etc).


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The Modelica language and the FMI standard for modeling and simulation of Smart Grids ,
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Intuitive Method for Pedestrians Simulation,
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Use Cases of Pervasive Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities Challenges,
J. Nigon, E. Glize, D. Dupas, F. Crasnier and J. Boes, in IEEE Workshop on Smart and Sustainable City (WSSC 2016), Toulouse, France, 2016.
Self-Organizing Agents to Learn the Control of Heat Engines,
J. Boes, F. Migeon and F. Gatto, in 11th European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems (EUMAS 2013), Toulouse, France, 2013.

Thesis Dissertation
Apprentissage du contrôle de systèmes complexes par l’auto-organisation coopérative d’un SMA,
J. Boes, Thesis Dissertation, University of Toulouse - IRIT, Toulouse, 2014.

Master Dissertation
Méthode intuitive de simulation de piétons en milieu urbain,
J. Boes, Master Dissertation, University of Toulouse - IRIT, Toulouse, 2010.